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French Bulldog Miami Florida is specialize in bred French bulldogs with amazing quality, health, structure, charisma and temperament. Our lined French bulldogs are available in the following colors: red, fawn, black brindle, pied, and white, Blue, Blue Fawn.

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We can send the puppy of your choice to your closest major airport via air.We work with airlines that have only professionals taking care of your puppy while it is in their care.


Our Pups are raised and socialized with children and other household pets, She has a perfect shaped head with that beautiful smashed face and very small weighing in at just 16 lbs.


We Stand Behind the Puppies We Sell: Our puppies come with a 14 day warranty covering infectious and contagious diseases and a 1 year warranty covering congenital and hereditary conditions.


What makes us different. French Bulldog Miami Florida


Initial Exam: A licensed veterinarian examines every one of our new puppies before they are offered for sale.

Quality of our puppies

When you buy a puppy from the FRENCH BULLDOG FLORIDA, you receive much more than just a puppy.

Happiness is Pet

Happiness is Pets prides itself in providing healthy, happy puppies to our customers. We stand behind every puppy we sell. .


Happiness is pets will never require you to relinquish ownership of your puppy. This is where our warranty surpasses warranties from other pet store and breeders...

Breed Standard

The French Bulldog has the appearance of an active, intelligent, muscular dog of heavy bone, smooth coat, compactly built, and of medium or small structure.

Family Friendly Breeds

Our years or experience has taught us that not all families can handle certain breeds. We have carefully chosen breeds that historically have been great choices for today's busy families.

Veterinary Care

Our puppies are given a physical by a minimum of two different licensed veterinarians as a screening for health issues prior to us accepting them from the breeder.


We are different because our sole focus is on pets.

My Friends

what makes us different is the fact that I understand and feel my dogs as my everyday companions, my mates, my friends, my family.

Key Member

We are diverse, enthusiastic, dedicated to quality and rarely restricted by role or title.

Demetrio Catano

Demetrio CataƱo

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Diego Catano

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Willdiman Mira

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Willdiman Mira

Willdiman Mira

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About French Bulldog Florida

We are a legally constituted canine kennel founded in 2008, Le Pup Joli / "French Bulldog Florida" dedicated to the breeding, reproduction and marketing of small and medium breeds. Our process of release and playback is done with high quality standards, offering healthy puppies with genotypic and phenotypic characteristics of each breed.

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These are the prices of our puppies.

$1.400+ Tax
Current vaccinations
Veterinarian examination
Health certificate
Health guarantee
$2.700+ Tax
Veterinarian examination
Health certificate
Akc Registration
$4.000+ Tax
Current vaccinations
Veterinarian examination
Health guarantee
Akc Registration