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The French bulldog puppies of Florida are not a kennel. We are a family that breeds happy, healthy, conformationally correct pets. We never have more dogs than we can take a walk at night. We show on weekends, when the weather permits, but our French bulldog puppies are, above all, family members, raised in the home. We share our lives with these dogs. They are not a “program” for us, or a “business puppy”. Do not get involved in Frenchies now that they are popular and we do not do what we do by trying.

All our Frenchies are well socialized since birth by children and their friends, not us and the boys mention. They spend a lot of time exploring one of our backyards with their friends (humans and canines), spending a great deal of time at home, at our feet, on our laps, on our beds, or on their kennels. We breed for quality – not quantity. Our aim is to improve breed only by mating dogs that are in high compliance with breed standard in conformation, health, and temperament.

Our families have always had dogs for the love, entertainment, and company they provide. French Bulldog Florida to maintain a fairly small breeding establishment mania family in order to ensure that each of our Frenchies get all the love and attention they deserve, so we have enlisted our children’s / brothers’ families to join us for Which we can expand to better serve our customers, while still maintaining our level of quality care to all our adult Frenchies and puppies alike. There are several responsible choices to choose when to look for a new dog, including pet stores, private breeders, shelters and animal rescue. The source you choose for a new pet will depend on your individual circumstances, such as the breed of dog you would like to have or your geographic location.