Water With Your Dog

Water With Your Dog

It’s summertime. It’s time for family trips to the beach, lake, pool, and pond. Just like any member of the family, you want to be sure your dog is as safe as possible. While most dogs love the water, some don’t. Some, in fact, are poor swimmers. You can keep your pooch safe and healthy by the pool, in the water and after a swim by keeping a few guidelines in mind.

  • Starting Out

Take it slow if you’re swimming for the first time with your dog. Stick to the shallow water. You can use toys to coax him into the water, but stay close. Support him as he starts paddling. This is especially important with younger dogs.

Remember, not all dogs can swim. Some are just poor swimmers, such as senior dogs, puppies, small-breed dogs and dogs with short legs or double coats. Often, dogs with heavy chests and short muzzles make poor swimmers — think pugs and bulldogs.

For some dogs, if you plan to be near the water at any time, you might consider keeping a flotation device specifically designed for his size/weight on him for safety’s sake.

If you have a pool, or live at the lake yo

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